Country Soul &    Rock 'n Roll


Wichita Trip combines the best of rock'n roll, classic country, soul and blues resulting in a potent brew of electric roots music. Showcasing original tunes and carefully selected covers, the bands main ambitions are to put on rocking live shows and continue to record their brand of funky country rock tunes.


"They truly wowed the crowd with their infectious rhythms and Rupert and Barb's smokin' two-part harmonies. Brewed in the honky tonks of the deep South, the Grand Ole Opry and the streets of Bakersfield, the end result is a heady brew of Rockin' Country and Cool Rock n' Roll."


- Serge Lotosky

Vancouver Rockabilly Roundup






Barb Wilkins - Vocals

Rupert Lindsay - Guitar, Vocals

Gord "Gorehound" Smithers - Guitar

Terry Bramhall - Bass

Blair MacDonald - Drums